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A proven working model to success

For 6 years we’ve been serving clients, mainly B2B and IT, analyzing results, searching for the ultimate success-recipe. This has resulted in our working model, the 7 C’s. It’s a step by step process to create web and marketing success both on short term and longer term. Within each C, we have our own processes and software to create success.

Embark on the journey, and learn and grow with us!



In the clarity phase, we want to know who you are, what your goals are, what you deliver and who are your customer.

If your goal is to get leads/new customers, we will map out your customers customer journey, combine that knowledge with out experience, and make a great plan for web and marketing.

communication and conversion

Communication & Conversion

Now, we should have enough information to start working on your website. In that process, we have the two C’s in mind.

Communication: The website must communicate efficiently towards your ideal customers.

Conversion: In web and marketing, conversion is another word for goal completion. If your goal is to get potential clients through your website, every potential client you come in contact with from your website is a conversion.

Your website should communicate clearly so that we reach the right people with the right message. And then it should convert according to your goals.



We have worked for some months to build the perfect website. People in your business are now expecting to see results of their investments.

When a client subscribes to our services, we normally follow up by running a campaign after their website goes live.

We have run dozens of campaigns, and we are confident in our ability to make results. We will make a step-by-step plan for your campaign, and you’ll get a copy as a reference or for future campaigns.

While a website is an investment with a longer time span, efficient and targeted campaigns are our way to create results in a shorter period.

content and channels

Content and Channels

Now its time to work on the content. And let me reveal something; its better to have a strong presence on some channels, than having an average presence on many channels. So we’ll help you define what kind of content and channels will work for your business. For example; In Contenting we get most of our leads from LinkedIn, and so do many of our customers.

Based on knowledge from our clarity phase and experience, we can give qualified advices on which channels you should be present on and what kind of approach and content we believe will be efficient.

We have innovative tool for effective content production, so that we can get content ideas, plan, produce and schedule content efficiently.

customer journey

Customer Journey

Maintaining a good online presence requires consistent efforts. It is vital to establish and follow a good routine to take care of your website, SEO, and marketing. We will help you build a system to easily manage all the necessary digital marketing elements and support your customers’ journey.

This is the phase where we might start some marketing automation and start creating evergreen campaigns and marketing flows to get a continuous flow of leads.

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