Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalize customer journey, automate event flows, marketing processes, and turn prospects into business opportunities.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing fit for:​

Companies who have Dynamics as CRM system​

Dynamics CRM is an ecosystem with a whole range of different extensions. So, you can build and customize a CRM system that tailors to how you sell.
While it is possible to integrate other marketing automation systems against Dynamics, it won’t be quite the same. ​



Companies who consider Dynamics as CRM system ​

When considering a CRM system, you should also look at the possibilities of marketing automation. Marketing becomes an increasingly important part of sales and pays to have an excellent automated flow between the two. ​

​For medium-sized companies that are willing to invest in a solution that provides intensive features and integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CRM and other applications, Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the best option. ​


Companies who are Microsoft Partners​

IT Partner sells Microsoft solutions, and it pays that you use Microsoft’s products. Especially if you’re selling Dynamics CRM, it’s nice to be up to date with the possibilities yourself.

If you’re a Microsoft Partner, we believe that Dynamics for Marketing is the best marketing automation system for you. So you can utilize the full potential of the Microsoft Suite into Marketing.

Marketing automation tool that has it all

Microsoft 365 Marketing can manage multi-channel marketing activities, events, insights, and more. Built exclusively on Dynamics 365 new interface, Dynamics 365 Marketing seamlessly integrates with Dynamics Sales, CRM, and Customer Service.


Design marketing emails and landing pages ​


Manage, score, and qualify leads​


Create marketing segments and personalized customer journeys​


Plan and manage events​


Communicate and engage with contacts online​


Analyze results from your marketing activities​

Marketing automation that has it all – Dynamics 365 Marketing

For Microsoft Partners, using Dynamics 365 Marketing is the ideal and best option. Especially that you sell Microsoft products, it would pay to use this powerful marketing tool.

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