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Let’s get your site 100% optimized

To boost your search presence and ranking, first, we need to analyze and evaluate your website. We need to know where you’re at to help you move forward from your current status.

Our specialist will evaluate your website and determine the most effective way to meet your website goals.

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Let’s take you through the steps in SEO Cleanup



Free site audit and report generation

We will run a site audit and make a report for you free of charge. With the report, we identify the issues you have on your site today. Your site’s errors could be: broken links, published non-quality pages, missing meta descriptions, image alt tags, H tags, etc.



Segregation of quality pages and non-quality pages

As part of the report is an Excel sheet with all the URLs currently listed in Google from your website. We want you to go through the list and indicate which ones are quality pages that you want to keep, also the pages you no longer want to show up on Google.

All the non-quality pages should be removed from Google Search. It would save us time and keep you from paying more to fix errors from webpages that are non-quality and shouldn’t be on Google in the first place.



Submit the Excel file to us

After identifying and selecting the quality pages to be optimized, we will look through the list and make you an offer. We will determine how many errors are there and how much time it will take us to fix them. This time you can choose if you want to fix it yourself or us. If you decide to move forward, we will ask for access to your website then we will start the SEO Cleanup.



Meeting with the Project Manager

First, we will have to schedule a meeting for us to get to know you better. We want to know all the necessary information before we proceed, including your products or services, personas, target market, etc. We also want to communicate with you about your expectations, goals, and results. This is also the best time to assess your SEO knowledge to help us determine what level of communication and reporting we should provide you.



Keyword research

Our SEO specialists will conduct extensive keyword research and identify the best keywords we could find that are relevant to your business. We will determine the right keywords based on the monthly search volume, level of competition, relevance to your market, and current keyword ranking.

We will identify what your prospective customers are searching for and which keywords your competitors are ranking. We will then give you the excel file of the keywords, which you will have to approve.




Meta tag writing

Once you approve of the suggested focus keywords, we will write title tags and meta descriptions for every page and post on your website. We always make sure to apply best practices in meta tag writing as it serves as a summary of the whole page. We will send you an excel file to ensure communication is correct and that content aligns with your site.



Content implementation and technical fixes

After we get your approval, we will proceed to the meta tags, keywords, and custom URLs implementation to your website. Our development team will then fix all the technical issues your website might have, including broken links, duplicate content, slow page speed, etc.



Monthly SEO report

After we successfully fixed all the SEO issues on your website, we will send you a report. This is what we do after a cleanup, and it’s essential as it allows us to document your website’s performance and progress over time.

We highly suggest that you stay with us for maintenance. If you continue to use our service, we will regularly monitor your website, run audits weekly, and send monthly reports with results and recommendations to ensure we get on top of things and not overlook SEO issues that prevent your site from ranking.


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