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When you subscribe, you get the flexibility and expertise of a specific department or all, depending on your plan. You can choose the hours you want based on your current needs and scale up and down as your needs change.  

Find your package below. 

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Choose a plan that's right for your business

We will help you set up the ideal marketing department. Maybe you need a designer and/or a developer full time and an adspecialist part time. Or maybe you want something else.

We will help you set up the marketing department of your dreams. We can even help out in hiring processes, if you want to set up a marketing deparment consisting of internal and external ressoruces.

Let’s have a talk to see how we can solve your needs!

€ 4,290 /month
134 per hour ex. vat

10% discount

You have our entire team of experts readily available, your project manager, and your own “market manager”/strategic sparring partner to help you design the strategy.

Access to a whole team of experts (designers, developers, marketers, SEO, marketing automation) at your fingertips
Own Project Manager to keep track of all your projects.
Help planning and executing campaigns
Status reports and results dashboard included
Monthly marketing meetings 2 x 1 hour
Hours of strategic help from the digital brains included - except meetings 4
Hours of strategic help from the digital brains included - except meetings 1

We work with companies of all sizes

We’re working with everything from recognized multibillion to small companies with only a few employees. Every customer is important to us.

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