Your success is our mission

Our mission is to make single marketers and small marketing departments succeed with web and marketing.

Therefore, we are more than willing to share our knowledge, “best practices” and “step by step processes” with you so that we can equip you for success.
We want to be the secret helpers, helping you release your potential.

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What we do to be the best digital feet and digital brains we can be

  • We carefully practice step-by-step delivery plans to ensure we also work and collaborate as smart as we can. That way, Digitalfeet can run forward with your projects.

  • We work on optimizing our team, software, and processes to make the best results in the most cost-efficient way. By having control of our costs, we can deliver quality services at a more competitive price.

  • We work on having experts within the different disciplines and work well together internally to ensure the best possible quality outputs.

  • We stay updated on trends so that we always stay relevant.

Digitalfeet History

Leadership Team​

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Line Drolsum

Will inspire you to work more innovatively with marketing, and lay out winning marketing strategies.

Picture of Maia in white background

Maia Håland

Help you create content that convinces your target audience.

Picture of Lars in white background

Lars R. Sund

Your go-to-guy for strategies and implementation of data-driven marketing.

Making the world a little bit better

Around Christmas every year, we take an initiative to do good for someone less fortunate. For several years we have supported an orphanage in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. In 2018, we decided to do a bigger Pro Bono Project with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

We helped them by making a website where they could easily acquire statistics and reports from their work to better benchmark their charity work.

If you have suggestions for causes we could support, we are always thrilled to hear about it. We can support with money, but it’s even better if we could donate our time and skills to something that contributes to a better world –as we did with Médecins Sans Frontières.

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Frederic Penhard Benchmark Coordinator, Doctors Without Borders
Digitalfeet Top Qoute

“Thank you for all the work that has been done. It is very impressive how the whole process went and how professional you are.

I put great value on the fact that you stick to your word. On our initial Skype call, you said that you were going to deliver a sketch in December and on the second Skype call you said you would deliver a site in January. All the deadlines were respected.

Thank you again very much.”

Frederic Penhard

Benchmark Coordinator, Doctors Without Borders | Medecins
Sans Frontieres (MSF)

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Line Drolsum

CEO/Strategic Advisor
Former Director of Corporate Marketing Visma

Will inspire you to work more innovatively with marketing, and lay out winning marketing strategies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation B2B marketing communications and strategy
  • Market intelligence, brand building and brand strategy, concept and business development

How Line can help you:

Line has a 360 view on companies and marketing that not many people can beat. Inspires marketers to work more innovative and data-driven. Combining this with her analytical and creative skills, she can help develop strategies to pursue growth.

Line is known for her skills in developing marketing resources and teams, getting the best out of everyone. She could be a great mentor for you/your team, helping you release your potential.

Maia Håland

CMO / Strategic Advisor Founder of Digitalfeet

Help you create content that convinces your target audience

Area of Expertise

  • Website Content
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Campaigns
  • Kampanjer
  • Persona/Target Audience
  • Customer Journey
  • Marketing Automation

How Maia can help you:

Maia understands both business and people. Combined with a sharp pen, this enables her to write content people can relate to and be convinced by, even when its B2B and complex business processes.

She can help you with content marketing, website content, and campaigns.

Maia has worked eight years in Contenting, helping several marketers get documented results and increased influence, through optimized websites, lead-generating campaigns, marketing automation etc.

Lars R. Sund

CTO / Strategic Advisor in Digitalfeet

Your go-to-guy for strategies and implementation of data-driven marketing.

Areas of Expertise

  • Martech Strategies
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Data Quality
  • Integrations

How Lars can help you:

Lars has the rare combination of IT education, number skills and marketing mindset – and is often the missing link all marketing departments search for to really scale their marketing.

Lars has been leading a team of web analysts and developers in Visma, helping them improve their processes. Together with our operative resources, Lars can help you improve and maintain your website.