Making the launchpad website

The output of the strategy stage will be a plan for the launchpad site, specifically its structure, pages, elements, etc. Now it’s time to make it.

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Why launchpad​

  • Instead of building an extensive website based on assumptions, we believe its better to build a website gradually based on data.​
  • Faster time to launch means faster time to value, since it will be better than your existing website. ​

Our Agile step-by-step process

Content starts

In that PowerPoint, you will work with content for the different elements. You will hand over the content to us when you are happy with it.

Design starts​

You will choose if we should wait for the content to be finished before the design starts. Since we know the elements of the page and the goals of the page, we can start designing with a dummy content. ​

We will first make and get approval for the homepage. Then, we will make the rest of the pages and post them for your approval. ​


We will develop your site, optimize your SEO, add scripts, and prepare for any pre-launch coordinations. You will, of course, get to approve before it goes live. ​

Launch Pad for Success! ​

We will launch your Launch pad website with tracking scripts. So, we can soon start analyzing and optimizing it further based on data.


In the strategy stage we plan out the perfect launchpad for you. We can’t have a “one size fits all” and one price, since the concept here is that we will tailor what’s best for your business.


The price will depend on the complexity of the launchpad website. But we can give some pointers.


From € 2,900

A template-based website, consisting of a maximum of 5 pages and an average of 5 elements per page, will cost 29 000 if there are no tweaks to the template. But in most cases, there will be tweaks and more pages/elements. ​

This includes design, development, SEO optimization, proper tracking setup for gaining insights, and then the launch.


From € 5,900

The price will vary based on complexity. But as a general rule, you can count twice the price as the template-based. ​

This includes design, development, SEO optimization, proper tracking setup for gaining insights, and then the launch.


From € 300

Here, we can’t set an estimated price, as it will highly depend on your needs. We will estimate hours and offer you our reduced hourly price of 1250.​

This includes design, development, SEO optimization, and proper tracking setup to gain insights.​

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  • Responsiveness
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  • SEO ranking of keywords
  • Website structure
  • Website loading speed

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