Customer reference promo package

In this package you get three customer story videos, as well as a promo video. ​​In the promo video we will let you do the intro and outro, while your customers will tell your unique selling points.​

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Let's create videos where your customers tell your unique selling points​

Here we want to find three different customers that can tell together your company’s unique selling points. We also want an intro. We also want to film someone from your company giving an intro and an outro. The output of this will be three customer reference videos plus a promo video with clips from your people talking and the three customers.​

In addition, of course, you will get it in two formats with subtitles. In addition, you will get a big image package with images you can use on your websites.

Step by Step Process

Initiate project

When an offer is accepted, the Project Manager from Digitalfeet will do some research to get a clear idea of who the customers are to be filmed, and what’s the scope of the story. The Project Manager will invite and coordinate for the startup meeting.

Finding the right customers

You have to help out in finding the customers. Ideally, the three customers together should communicate your unique selling points so that the videos are not repeating. The promo video will consist of an intro and outro from someone from your company, and then clips from the three customer reference cases, where they present three different Unique Selling Points.​

3x Startup meeting

In the startup meeting, both the project manager and videographer from Digitalfeet will attend. The customer that will be filmed will attend, as well as the people from your company who will have input on how the final result should be (typically marketing manager and someone who has worked with the customer).​


We make a short summary from the startup meeting with most important information + questions to be asked. Videographer will print this for the filming day. If the previous step has been done well – the next steps will be smooth.

  • Filming day
  • Video Editing

Approval process

When the first draft of the video is done, it will be sent to you and your customers for approval. If you also ordered a written reference case, you would get this for approval.​

Final product

When everything is approved, we will adjust it to the two formats and add subtitles. Then it will be sent to you together with an image folder and the written reference case.​


€ 11,900

ex. vat
  • 4 videos — Three (3) customer reference videos and One (1) promo video
  • One image package consisting of 15 to 30 images – taken from the full HD
  • Delivered in 16:9 and squared format​
  • Subtitles
Add on:
Written Customer Reference

€ 1,000

Need regular help with Campaign Strategy and other tasks?

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