Let's talk about the most important thing for your business —your website

Whether you want a simple or complex website, we make sure that it speaks and delivers to your ideal customers.
Let your website communicate and convert.

Your website is the place where...

You get it – it’s crucial that your website communicates
clearly and converts.


We have streamlined our website process to ensure great collaboration and best possible results

The time it will take will depend on the package. Generally, a simple website could be done in a week, while the website experience package would take 2-3 months whole process from start to finish.

That is just an estimate. But it also depends on the client. If we had to wait for the content, it would take longer. And it’s often that we have to wait for the client. But if it runs smoothly, the website experience can be done in 2 months, and a simple website can be done in a week.

The price depends on your needs - which depends on your goals

Some have simple website needs, while some needs are more complex. That’s why when comparing prices, be sure to compare apples to apples. We can create a simple website for a low price. We can also use all the experience in our team and our well-proven process to help you achieve your online goals.


€ 1,000

€ 2,900 Limited time promo

Best fit for companies who want a template-based website made fast and efficient for many companies


€ 9,900

Best fit for companies happy with everything else – just wanting the redesign without the need for content and SEO



€ 12,900

Best fit for companies wanting help with website and SEO


€ 19,900

Best fit for companies who want to build topnotch website


NOK 49,000

Best fit for companies happy with everything else – just wanting the redesign without the need for content and SEO


NOK 199,000


Best fit for companies who want to build a topnotch website


NOK 99,000

Best fit for companies wanting help with Website and SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Website prices vary depending on your needs. A simple website's price is much different from a complex website for an enterprise with lots of pages. And there are some purchases you need to make even before your website goes live, such as domain name, theme, and plugins.

Also, we like to take into account our time, effort, and expertise to build a fully-functional website. Using our service is way cheaper than choosing a design company with a much lower price –only to end up unsatisfied with the outcome. Our team spends more time planning, discussing the initial concepts and revisions, and employing the best practice to give you a high-quality website.

If you're using a CMS like WordPress –Yes, you can. Updating your website is a great advantage as you can make necessary changes that appeal to you. You can add, update, or delete pages, edit and update content, add images, videos, links, and many more.

You can also update your WordPress website to the latest version, as well as themes and plugins. Go to your dashboard > Updates. You can also see if there's a new update for plugins on the Plugins menu and Themes on WordPress Admin. But be careful though, you might lose some changes you made to your theme. If unsure, it's best to consult your webmaster for theme updates.

To get leads, you first need to gain trust. There’s no shortcut or formula we can do that drives results overnight. But here are some things that can help your website optimized for leads generation. But you can optimize your website for lead generation through blog posts, website chat service, free downloadable content, email marketing, and social media campaigns.

There are 3 options you can choose from once your site goes live. First, you can choose to go solo, which means you decide to host and maintain it yourself. This is good only if you know how to host and maintain a site.

The next option is using Digitalfeet for hosting and maintenance; we will take care of your website hosting and security, and maintain your site, so it’s up and running.

Lastly, you can subscribe to a marketing department where Digitalfeet helps you with security, hosting, maintenance, marketing tasks, and design projects.

We make sure to launch your website with an updated security certificate with updated themes and plugins to the latest version. So, at the time of launch, security is taken care of.

If you choose Digitalfeet to host and maintain the website further, we will ensure that the website is always updated and secured. Read more about our packages here.

If you want yourself to take care of hosting and maintenance, it will be your responsibility to make ongoing updates, fix bugs, update your security certificate, have the necessary antivirus software on your PC, deal with any critical errors, etc. We therefore strongly recommend allowing us to take care of hosting and maintenance unless you have expertise in this in-house.

It actually depends on how simple or complex your website is and how urgent you need your website to launch. Prior to web design, we have to go through the pre-execution process. This is when we gather all the essential information from your brand identity to your objectives and customer personas. The discovery will help us come up with a solid website strategy to guide and inform the design. It will take 3 weeks to complete the pre-execution phase and website strategy, 6 weeks on design, 3 weeks development, 3 weeks on revisions, pre-launch, and launch.

These numbers are just the estimates. The progress of website creation also depends on how fast you are complying with all the necessary information essential to create a website strategy. Once the website strategy is finalized, everything else will follow smoothly.

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