Lay the foundation for success

To ensure we are starting off the right foot and not investing in something users don’t want, it’s important to do a solid strategy work. ​

​The seed for future success is made in this step.​

What we are to achieve in strategy stage

Establish Goals

Define the website goals by reverse-engineering the overall business goals and identifying how the website will influence them. The website goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely — to help you properly measure them.​

Understand "Jobs to be Done"

The “Jobs to be done” framework will help you identify the underlying needs that drive your audience and what it takes for them to switch to your company’s products and services as a solution. ​

​Establish Buyer Personas

We then create detailed profiles of your ideal target audience.

Fundamental Assumptions and Journey Mapping

Next, we identify user touchpoints and their journey to meet their needs and motivations. We will also uncover user pain points that prevent them from achieving their Jobs to be done.

Analyze current results

Look into the performance of the current website. That means doing SEO analysis and looking into numbers from Analytics. See what is good that we want to keep, and what should be improved.

UX Research

By talking with your customers, setting up heatmaps, and doing various UX research methods, we can get a further understanding of how the website should work best possible to meet target audience’s needs. ​

Website-specific strategy

We do not just want to build things, but we want to build the right things. Here, we develop data-driven strategies in order to achieve the goals we established earlier.​

Brainstorming a wishlist

We will now develop creative, game-changing ideas to solve user challenges in order to bring them value and hit business goals. The wishlist we have crafted will determine what is set for development for your launch pad website.​

​A plan for launchpad website

The final outcome should be profound insight. This is a great plan for the Launch Pad Website. And many ideas for later optimization.​

Step-by-step process from your point of view

Strategy planning meeting –1 hour​

We will talk about the strategy phase, and plan who we are to talk to and when. Ideally we should talk to stakeholders, department leaders (up to 6 internal resources) and 3 customers. If accesses are not already given, we should now get access to Analytics, website – so that we can do our investigation. ​

Individual talk with internal resources – 30 min each talk

We will do individual talks with all people planned in planning meeting. Reasons for talking to internal resources individually first, and not in group is that some people don’t speak up in a group. Or, if the CEO is there, everyone can tend to agree with him/her. We want to use the advantage of being from the outside, and do separate talks to get all perspectives.  We will talk about their personas, their challenges, their customer journey. Also about current website, what they feel is working and not. How they envision their new website, and what they would want to include to help them. They will all get a brief send before-hand, so that they can prepare and we can have efficient individual meeting.

Individual talks with three of your clients​

The talk with clients is to get better insight into the personas, their challenges and how the website would help solve their needs. We will also use the opportunity to get some quotes to be used on new website. ​

Digitalfeet are running​

While doing all the interviews, the GDD strategist will work on the different strategy docs. He/she will sync with Analyst and SEO Specialists to convert the insights into website strategies to be presented in GDD strategy meeting.

GDD strategy meeting - 3 hours​

We will go through all the drafts for strategy docs, and discuss.

Website structure meeting

In this meeting, ​while we discuss about the pages and elements. We will also reveal the final price.



€ 4,900

Includes everything described in the step-by-step.


€ 6,900

Everything in Lite, but here we also write out three customer reference stories – to be used on the website as a whole.

Get a free status report of your website​

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  • Responsiveness
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  • SEO Errors
  • SEO ranking of keywords
  • Website structure
  • Website loading speed

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