We love working with Microsoft Partners

Ninety percent of our customers are Microsoft Partners. We have a lot of knowledge of how Microsoft system and partners’ system work, the product they sell, the buying journey, and more.

Let’s start by knowing who you are.

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Subscribe to our help with Website and Marketing

This is ideal for Microsoft Partners, especially when you need help in running campaigns. We have helped other Microsoft Partners like you. We already know your products and how your partnership with Microsoft works. In short, we can help you achieve sales and marketing success.

We can help you in several areas: design, website, campaigns, SEO, content marketing, development, and marketing automation.

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  • Responsiveness
  • Forms
  • SEO Errors
  • SEO ranking of keywords
  • Website structure
  • Website loading speed

Webinar/Seminar/Event Campaign

Something we have done a lot is to run the campaign to attract participants to webinars, seminars, and other types of events. We can handle the entire campaign from A-Z and also help with various things in connection with the event if necessary.​

After the webinar/event, we are happy to help post the recording as a “webinar on demand” on the websites so that it can continue to generate leads.

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Customer Reference Video

There is nothing better than getting your happy clients to communicate your unique selling points to your prospective clients.

We will take care of the entire process, from recording to editing. We also provide high-quality snapshots from the video shoot that can be used for promotional purposes across various platforms.

Effective Websites and Product Pages

We have redesigned and built websites and product pages for several Microsoft partners. We studied what works, what doesn’t work, and what the best do.

Based on various “best practices” in the page structure, SEO, and content (seen in relation to the purchase journey). We have created some templates for how product pages for Microsoft 365, Azure, etc., should look.

We have also created processes for how we can together adapt these templates with their content.

This means that, in a very tidy way, we can help you to create very good product pages.

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Marketing Automation – Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Both small and large IT partners are in the process of automating their marketing processes. And Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Marketing keeps getting better. If you use Dynamics as your CRM, you should definitely use the same CRM for marketing automation.

We have the resources and skills to help you integrate with your website and set up automation, both from a technical and marketing perspective.

Experiences shared by our happy clients

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“By subscribing to a marketing department at Digitalfeet, you have one agency that can cover your web and marketing needs. They come up with plans and ideas and are operational from the start.”

Ståle Hansen

CEO at Cloudway

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Working in Microsoft?

Throughout the years of working closely with Microsoft, we already know how their system works. We know you are looking to fund the right initiatives, and generate leads in the process. Learn how we can work together.

Let’s get started on the right (digital) foot

Book a free and non-committal talk about how we can make you and your business succeed!

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