How To Edit Footer Information With Elementor

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The website footer is the section of content at the very bottom of a web page. It typically contains a copyright notice, link to a privacy policy, sitemap, logo, contact information, social media icons, and an email sign-up form. In short, a footer contains information that improves a website’s overall usability.


Let’s explore this basic step-by-step guide on how to edit footer information with ElementorLet’s get started! 

Step 1: In WordPress dashboard, go to "Templates" and select "Theme Builder."

Templates - Theme Builder

Step 2: Update Footer Information.

Click “Edit” at the upper right.  

Click Edit

Select the text or element you want to modify within the footer template. 

Edit Content

Use the styling options to adjust the font size, color, alignment, and other visual properties of the text or element. 

Step 3: Update

 Once you are satisfied with the changes made to your footer, click on the green “Update” button to save the changes made to the footer template. 



This is how easy it is to edit footer information with Elementor. Make sure to follow the steps carefully! 

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