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Modern marketing operations need the use of modern marketing solutions!

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can efficiently take care of customer journeys, behavior tracking, lead scoring, and a lot more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing​

Discover and qualify leads, build business relationships, and grow your opportunities.​

A powerful marketing app built on a unified interface​

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a robust marketing solution that brings together your customer information and provides marketing automation features, including lead scoring, customizable email templates, and personalized customer journeys.​

Built to run exclusively on Dynamics 365 new interface, Dynamics 365 for Marketing works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales, CRM and Customer Service.​

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an all-encompassing marketing application that can manage multi-channel marketing activities, event management, insights, and more.​


Dynamics 365 marketing is an all-encompassing app​


Design marketing emails and landing pages ​

Manage, score, and qualify leads​

Create marketing segments and personalized customer journeys​


Plan and manage events​


Communicate and engage with contacts online​


Analyze results from your marketing activities​

What you can accomplish with Dynamics 365 Marketing​

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