In one year (2020) Point Taken achieved the following:

  • Growing their email list from 100 to 2700 subscribers
  • 3000+ conversions from websites (webinars, workshops, chat)
  • More than 10 million NOK in revenue came from new clients that came directly from marketing efforts
  • Growing the team from 30 to 38 employees
  • In the last months, the CEO estimated that 60% of all sales were coming from marketing activities
  • Changing the way the whole company look at sales and marketing

Summert opp: De endret måten de jobbet med salg på, og de førte til en eventyrlig vekst. Og det hele på et beskjedent markedsbudsjett.

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Before Digitalfeet and Point Taken started working together

  • They have a lot of initiatives and great ideas
  • They have many plans for marketing and sales but got caught up with daily operations
  • They didn’t have time to execute their ideas and plans
  • Working on marketing, documenting results, and staying organized were challenging for them
Working together

Timeline to success

The Success story in Numbers


Followers in social media


Website views


People signing up for newsletter


conversions from websites


NOK closed sales that can be tracked back to marketing activities in 2020 (new customers only)


Approx. 1.2 million spent on marketing (personnel costs, advertising costs, and agency costs) and just over 10 million on new sales = ROI of approx. 1000%

The heroes of Point Taken

Tiril came straight from school to marketing success

Imagine entering work life and then creating a huge success from the start, changing how the company sells and operates.

Tiril is a smart woman that learns quickly. Digitalfeet shared their tips and best practices, and Tiril followed up. After we had done something together once, Tiril took over and grew as a marketer from month to month.

Together with Maia (the Project Manager from Digitalfeet), Tiril ran several successful campaigns and created winning strategies.

Together with Joseph (Developer from Digitalfeet), Tiril setup marketing automation flows.

Tiril is a proactive doer who is not afraid to setup meetings with sales and with the leadership to get her ideas realized.

She has been able to track the lead flow all the way to sales.

See video of Tiril explaining what she likes about working with Digitalfeet

Tomas ensures the critical connection between marketing and sales

Tomas started as the Point Taken sales manager in autumn 2019. He has been working in companies before with a strong tie between marketing and sales, and for him, it was natural to think that marketing and sales should work closely together.

Having sales onboard is crucial to make a big success. Marketing is generating leads, and sales must close them.

Access Point Taken’s success recipe

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Prizes won while working with Digitalfeet

2020 Modern Workplace Partner of the Year

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