Let’s release your potential

Marketers! We are here to release your potential!

Our digital feet are here to close the gap between what you want to do and what you have time to do.

The digital brains are here to help you lay out winning strategies, and help you learn and grow as a marketer.

Marketers! We been in your shoes and we understand your struggles

We know that you want to:

And you want to stay updated on trends, and work innovatively with marketing.

But you just can’t do it all on your own, or in your small marketing department.

Our Digitalfeet will make your tasks done

What if you had a secret army of helpers, ensuring your tasks move forward?

Our digital brains give you the strategic input you need

Marketers working alone and in small team often lack strategic sparring partners.

Click on the pictures to learn more about your new strategic partners.


The Best Treat from Digitalfeet!

“Digitalfeet has delivered amazing quality when it comes to video, design, and development. I am so impressed by the quality, delivery speed, and they have a Project Manager putting all “bits and pieces together,” so that I don't have to follow up on everything. This is unlike every agency I have worked with.”
Cynthia Kristensen
Marketing Manager, House of Control

What you’ll get

point taken logo

During her first year as a marketer, Tiril achieved the following:

  • Point Taken went from getting 0 conversions to getting 100 conversions a week.
  • More than 10 million NOK revenue in sales (new customers only) comes as a direct result of marketing efforts.

“I have learned so much by working with Digitalfeet. Its incredible to see how our combined efforts have changed the way Point Taken is selling their services.”

Tiril, Marketing Manager at Point Taken

Subscribe to marketing success

By subscribing, we will work with you, side by side, to make you grow and succeed as a marketer/marketing department.
The Digitalfeet help close the gap between what you want to and what you have resources to do.

Feet 'n Brains


Feet 'n Brains

€ 3,850/month

Feet 'n Brains

€ 7,590/month

Feet 'n Brains

€ 10,890/month

Feet 'n Brains

€ 14,080/month

  • Own Project Manager and Marketing Manager
  • Access to all experts/the digital feet
  • Weekly/biweekly strategy meetings with digital brains
  • Status reports and results dashboard

Digital Feet

€ 1,400/month

Digital Feet

€ 2,880/month

Digital Feet

€ 5,600/month

Digital Feet

€ 8,000/month

Digital Feet

€ 9,900/month

  • Own Project Manager
  • Access to all experts/the digital feet
  • Status reports and results dashboard

We will help you set up the ideal marketing department. Maybe you need a designer and/or a developer full time and an adspecialist part time. Or maybe you want something else.

We will help you set up the marketing department of your dreams. We can even help out in hiring processes, if you want to set up a marketing deparment consisting of internal and external ressoruces.

Let’s have a talk to see how we can solve your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can post all kinds of tasks, and we will tell you if we can do it or not. Let’s say you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting tomorrow, and you’re done with the content but not with the fine-tuning. You can send it to our designer, and we’ll get it ready before your presentation.

We can also do big projects like help you plan an entire campaign. We will produce the resources and run the campaign for you. In reality, no task is too big or too small. As long as we can do it without combined skill sets, we’ll definitely do it for you!

It depends on how often you need us to help with your marketing, website, and design needs.

We will help find the best fit. We will ask you some questions to help you better choose which package suits your needs.

You can also scale up and down, depending on your needs.

Yes, of course. You can always add up extra hours. But if it happens frequently, then you may need to upgrade your subscription package. This is because we plan according to how many clients we have and what package they subscribe to. So, if you want us to allocate as many hours as you need, we suggest that you upgrade.

But if you need more hours in a particular month and fewer hours in the next, we can also do that. We are flexible, so you can have enough hours you need for certain months.

When you choose to subscribe to a marketing department, you subscribe to a number of hours per month, and we’ll create a plan for tasks we’ll be working on.

This is the best option, especially if you regularly need help with various tasks or projects.

After subscribing, you get access to an entire marketing team with diverse expertise to help you with your website, design, and any marketing-related tasks.

No, it won’t be forfeited. Let’s say you have the small package (32 hours/month), and you only used up 20 hours in May, for example. We will add the remaining 12 hours to the next month. So, instead of 32 hours, you will have 44 hours in June.

Yes, you can. But, when you cancel, we will still charge you for the month in which you’re canceling.

Let’s say you cancel on the 6th of May or any day of the month, you still continue your subscription for that specific month only, and we will cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

So, we will no longer renew your subscription on the 1st of June.

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