How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

In WordPress, an image gallery is a feature that allows you to display multiple images in a grid or carousel format on your website. It provides a visually appealing way to showcase a collection of images, such as a portfolio, product gallery, or event photo gallery.

Let’s explore this basic step-by-step gallery tutorial using Elementor.

Step 1: Go to WordPress dashboard. Click on “All Post”

Select which post you want to create an image gallery.

WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Add the “Basic Gallery” widget

In the Elementor editor, you will find a list of widgets on the left-hand side. Look for the “Basic Gallery” widget and drag it to the desired section of your page.

Basic Gallery

Step 3: Add Images

Click the “+” sign to choose what images you want to add.

Adding Images

  • You can set the image size.

Choose the image size

  • You can set  how many columns do you want to have in the gallery.
Image Column

Step 4: Configure the Image Gallery Settings

  • You can configure the other settings under “Style.”


This is how easy it is to create a WordPress gallery customization. Make sure to follow the steps carefully!

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