Social Media Campaigns Vs Google AdWords Campaigns 

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When do you launch a social media campaign? Or should you do a Google AdWords campaign instead? How do you choose between the two?  

In the video below, listen to Maia Haland answer the question: Should you do a social media campaign or a Google AdWords campaign? For the full transcript, scroll down after the video. 

Full Transcript:

A question I sometimes get around campaign is: Should we do a social media campaign or a Google AdWords campaign? 

And two of the things to take into consideration.  

Social media is often more short term. 

If we’re going to do a webinar and it’s in two weeks, it’s better to take it on social media, have it pop up in front of your audience instead of doing Google AdWords, which is more long term. 

But another thing, if you do Google AdWords, it has to match with what people are searching for.  

Think about your product: Is your product or your solution something that people search on Google? 

And I’m going to share an example here: This person I met that had an online bookstore. 

He had this concept with his bookstore: He had a bookstore, he had a café.  

He was on the road with his books. And he also had done an advert campaign because this agency had sold that to him. 

And he told me he had this bacon book. This was the right before Christmas, and this is what it was — this funny book with recipes, with bacon.  

And he said that, “When I’m on the road and I go to small villages and we meet people, we sell this bacon book. It really sells. People want to buy it as a Christmas gift. And then we wrote adverts for it and nothing.” 

And I’m like, okay, but bacon book: Is that something people Google or is it something they didn’t know they wanted? But when they see it, they’re like, ‘Wow, this is kind of cool.’ 

I would say bacon book is the last one.  

And then adverts isn’t the best choice if it was on Facebook, for example, or Instagram and it came up: Perfect Christmas gift. Bacon book. With some cool pictures, maybe, because I think the picture on the front side was also one of the things that sold that book and that wasn’t in the text ad, of course, in Google ads.  

Social media campaign — the visuals from the book and target it towards the audience, I recommend to them. 

I just wanted to share that story.  

If you have other suggestions or thoughts around Google AdWords — I’ve done more social media campaigns — talk to me about it. Share if you have funny stories. Bye for now. 

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