Top 10 Takeaways from HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report 

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Hey, marketers – we downloaded HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report and gained some insights into marketing trends that will shape 2024 and even beyond. 

HubSpot’s report is extensive, touching on various content marketing topics like video and content, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), personalized marketing, social media trends, and more. 

Here are our takeaways: 

Short-Form Videos Are Profitable

According to HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report, the marketing trend that delivered the best return on investment (ROI) was short-form video content. This was followed by content showing brand values and influencer marketing campaigns. Remember, marketers: The trick is to catch viewers’ attention, convey a clear message, and engage audiences quickly. 

Speaking of short-form videos – if you’re using TikTok (or already planning to), good for you. HubSpot reports that more than half of marketers who use TikTok will increase their investment next year. That’s the highest of any platform, besting other video-sharing giants like YouTube and Instagram. 

2024 Might Be The Year For Experiential And Influencer Marketing

Are you ready to go interactive in 2024? HubSpot’s report shows that this year, marketers want to try experiential marketing and influencer marketing for the first time. Experiential marketing involves engaging your audiences in real life.  

They could be as complex as conducting events or as simple as putting pop-ups on your website or app. Interactive content will be big this year, with more marketers expressing interest in trying live-streaming videos, selling directly on social media platforms, or creating interactive content like games and polls.  

Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Media Platform For Marketing

There are over five billion social media users in the world. More than three billion of them are Facebook users. It’s no wonder that HubSpot’s report names Facebook as the most preferred social media channel for marketing. Rounding out the top five are Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter). 

Creation And Ideation Are The Biggest Challenges For Content Marketers

Nobody said content marketing was easy. Per HubSpot’s report, the two biggest challenges content marketers face are finding ideas for fresh content and creating content that engages online audiences on a high level in terms of clicks, comments, and shares. Other top challenges include creating content that draws website traffic, reaching the target market, and delivering content that generates leads. 

Ai To Take A Bigger Marketing Role In 2024

HubSpot’s report reveals that 64% of marketers currently use AI. 61% already see AI as a key marketing tool. As for those who haven’t tried AI yet, 38% of them are planning to do it starting this year. Other key stats on AI’s impact on marketing: 

  • 60% of marketers think of AI as an assistant that helps them perform their tasks.  
  • 81% of marketers who do use AI claim it’s effective at assisting  
  • them in their job. 
  • 56% of marketers who use AI for creating content believe it performs better than content created without it. 

Marketers Use AI Mostly For Ideas And Inspiration

How are marketers leveraging AI when creating content in 2024? According to HubSpot’s report,  it’s mostly used for looking for ideas and inspiration. AI is also useful for generating outlines, as well as for drafting and writing content. 

AI Already Has An Impact On Content Creation

85% of marketers say that AI will significantly impact how content is created this year. AI’s impact will be most felt in terms of improving content quality (as 85% of marketers claim), making the content creation process more efficient (84%), increasing content production (82%), and helping create personalized content (77%). 

Chatbots Will Become More Useful In 2024 And Beyond

According to HubSpot’s research, 55% of businesses expect that by this year, most users will use chatbots instead of search engines when searching for information online. The number of marketers who use chatbots is increasing.  

  • 36% of them already use AI chatbots in their daily marketing tasks.  
  • Meanwhile, 58% of them are planning to increase their investments in chatbots in 2024.  
  • 72% already believe that chatbots can help personalize customer experiences.  
  • Specifically, 24% of marketers think that chatbots that assist customer service departments are the most helpful for their business. 

Mobile And Personalized Messaging Will Be Bigger In 2024

HubSpot’s report states that in 2024, 87% of marketers will continue or increase their investment in mobile messaging through SMS, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp. The report also reveals the following: 

  • About 20% of marketers around the world already use mobile messaging. 
  • 10% believe mobile messaging is an ROI top driver. 
  • 12% plan to invest in mobile messaging for the first time this year. 

Email Marketing Continues To Embrace AI

Email marketing may be old, but it’s not going away soon. It doesn’t hurt that AI is here to give email marketing a hand. According to HubSpot, almost half of marketers who use AI are generating email content with it. 

It’s always good to be updated on the latest trends in marketing. Here’s hoping our takeaways from HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report will help you become better marketers in 2024. 

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