How To Give Access to Google Analytics

Let’s explore the basic step on how to give access to Google Analytics, so you can share your data with other stakeholders without compromising your security or privacy.

Step 1: Go to Google Analytics

Step 2: Go to “ADMIN”

Step 1 How to give access to Google Analytics

Step 3: Go to “Account Access Management” in Admin Level

(Step 3) How To Give Access to Google Analytics

Step 4: Click the “+” icon to add email address

(Step 4) How To Give Access to Google Analytics

Step 5: Enter the “Email address” you want to grant access to and select the appropriate access level.

Step-5 Analytics

After you added the email that you granted an acccess, the email must be be shown under “Account access management”.

Step 6 -Analytics

After that, the recipient will receive an email notifying access has been granted.

Email Notification

That’s it. The next time they log into Google Analytics, they’ll be able to see your Google Analytics account in their account list.

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