Meet the rockstars of the Microsoft Community

Cloudway AS

CloudWay has a massive number of followers both on website and social channels. Digitalfeet has been working with them from the very beginning.

“We are marketable”, CloudWay CEO, Ståle Hansen, said in our first meeting.

And he was right.


What makes CloudWay an inspiring Company?

“CloudWay are the rockstars of the Microsoft Community.” That’s the statement Digitalfeet has picked up while working with other partners. CloudWay is a bunch of thought leaders, and they are all MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) year after year.

All of them have lots of followers on social channels. They are always nominated for the top Microsoft awards. They are also co-authoring books, and they traveled around the world all year round to speak at events. Yes, you could say they were the geeky versions of rockstars.

Don’t get fooled by the size of 7 people. CloudWay is often chosen on big, important projects both in the public and private sectors.


Timeline to success

Digitalfeet has been helping CloudWay execute their great ideas and strategies, allowing them to focus more on growing their business. Our collaboration has resulted in several successful events and projects.

The Success story in Numbers

The heroes of CloudWay

About Ståle

  • Ståle Hansen is the Founder and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay
  • He is awarded as Microsoft Regional Director and Office Apps and Services MVP
  • He is a popular public speaker and is regularly invited to share his experience at international conferences such as Lync Conference, TechEd, Microsoft Ignite, Experts Live, CommsvNext and Techmentor
  • His passion is to help remove blockers so that the customers can use the full potential of Microsoft 365
  • He works with Digitalfeet because he understand the need of hiring web and marketing experts so they can focus on growing their business
See video of Ståle explaining what he likes about working with Digitalfeet

About Jan Ketil

  • Jan Ketil Skanke is a Partner and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay
  • He is international speaker with experience from Experts Live EU, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Inspire, NICCONF, ITDevConnections
  • He is very passionate about Mobility and Security and has a long experience in this area. He provides technical implementations, workshops, trainings and business development for companies who want improve their security and productivity
  • He is a blogger and active on social
  • He is passionate about web and marketing, and always shares ideas


Are you inspired by CloudWay’s journey?

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