Microsoft 365 ReVival – A world class event in short timespan! 

In December 2022, CloudWay decided to do a one-day Microsoft 365 event in February 2023. This was a whole day event that was paid for, aimed at attracting new potential customers.  Their goal for the event was to attract as many participants as possible, with a maximum capacity of 140. 


Visualizing data through the use of graphs
The number of posts vs. The number of conversions per platform 
Figure 1
This shows where the organic conversions are coming from, they have more organic posts on LinkedIn that leads to more conversions. 
Leads from LinkedIn and Facebook ads 
They have run campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we’ve got more leads from LinkedIn. 
Total adspent, cost per click, and leads earned per platform 
Although LinkedIn is more expensive when looking at adspent and cost-per-click, we can see that it also contributed 73% of the leads.

What we did and learnings

Crafting the landing page

From the start, we did set up tracking on the landing page both in Google Analytics and Heatmaps using Clarity so that we can optimize the landing page along the way.   

Key Findings:

  • Have a button in banner!: Nobody clicked the sign-up button in the menu. 28 clicked the button on the banner and 2 clicked the button on the footer.
  • Include information in topbanner
    Out of 800 viewers, 56% scrolled to the agenda, and only 3% reached the bottom. Learning: That tells us to include the most important information already in the top banner, since many users don’t scroll.
  • People use the navigation bar
    We set up a single-page landing page with a navigation bar that received 18 unique clicks. This proves that including a navigation bar, even on a one-page site, helps users navigate the page effectively.
  • Important videos on top
    Only a few played the embedded YouTube videos, possibly due to the need to scroll down a bit to find them. To maximize video visibility, place important videos in the top banner or second element of the page.

Campaign Planning and Creative Production

Based on our experience, video delivers better results. But you can’t always just lean on what used to work, so this time we conducted an A/B test between video and slideshow.


Results show that the video was more engaging with 86 clicks and a lower cost-per-click (CPC) of NOK 19, compared to the slideshow that had fewer clicks (54) and a more expensive CPC (NOK 21.64). Therefore, we have proceeded with the video for the campaign.

Other suggestions when making a video for an ad, based on our experience: 

  • Record a video with a clean background and steady hand. Clean mobile videos can be just as effective as professionally filmed ones. 
  • Remember texting. Not everyone watches a video with sound. 
  • Choose the opening of the video wisely. Among those who watched the video, 27 of them visited the landing page within 15 seconds of viewing the video. 

Organic Posting

Our plan for organic posting involved creating a series of videos and posts targeted to IT and HR departments.


Cloudway also created a separate LinkedIn page specifically for the event.

Key Findings:

  • Employee boosted reach: Employees shared the posts on their social channels, which led to nearly 13,000 impressions and over 2,000 video views.  
  • Video format led to higher CTR: The announcement video resulted with a 3.8% click-through rate (CTR), the HR invite video with a 5.45% CTR, and the IT invite video with a 2.11% CTR. For context, the average CTR for videos in 2023 is 1.84%
  • Multiple posting created pre-event buzz: Sharing multiple posts to introduce event speakers created buzz and excitement among event registrants.  
  • Mobile viewing optimization connected with mobile users: We optimized the video for mobile viewing to reach the audience (primarily using mobile phones) better. 
  • Remember the texting: Texting is essential. By uploading a separate SRT file, we ensured the text size adjusted to the viewer’s mobile screen, creating an enhanced viewing experience. 

The actual event

During the event people posted and shared many images and status, tagging CloudWay and hashtagging #M365ReViVal. 

Key learning: Present your hashtag and social media profiles

CloudWay made a specific hastag for the event. They presented the hashtag at the event’s beginning, and social media profiles of people working in CloudWay. That encouraged people post during the day, tagging CloudWay, using the hashtag #M365ReVival, and tagging people in CloudWay. This created the perfect storm in social media on the day of the event.   

Collecting Event Feedback

An hour after the event concluded, we sent an email survey to all the attendees to get their feedback

Key Learnings:

  • Open rate boosted by friendly email subject line
    We chose the subject line “We want to hear from YOU about M365ReVival” which resulted in an open rate of 66% (35 out of the total 53 recipients), which is above the average open rate for all industries. The timing of the email survey (one hour after the event ended) ensured that the event was still fresh in the attendees’ minds, optimizing the quality of the feedback.
  • Response rate boosted by smiley
    Smileys in the email made it easy for recipients to click and show their satisfaction level. Of the 53 total recipients, 19 clicked (35.85% response rate) and 10 left their comments.

Event Highlights

Experience again the thrill of M365ReVival through the social media posts showcasing the expert speakers, engaging discussions,
and unforgettable moments!

Ready, set, go! #M365ReVival with

@StaleHansen kicking us off! 🤩💡


It’s a wrap @MartenHellebro enjoy the rest of #m365revival lots more goodness to follow 🫶 #vivaexplorers 🧭


@ChappleNikki presenting on Viva Governance and Privacy for
@M365ReVival #MVPBuzz #MicrosoftViva

Check all posts about #M365Revival here.


Here are the insights we gathered from the event!


​Considering the time frame, we acknowledged that more planning time would have allowed for enhanced preparation and an increase in the number of participants at the event.​

For the full event report, download the PDF.

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